Dear Clients and Business Partners.

i4 Asia is committed to the health and safety of our people. We will first and foremost immediately comply with the latest government advisories that may come into immediate effect.

We have implemented a full-time work from home arrangement. We ask for your support in this time of crises to come together to help business and life continue safely and productively.

This means that:

  • We will do all meetings and calls online. We have the software tools from our Google G Suite to enable this. Other communication platforms you suggest may also be utilized.
  • We may ask you to use our apps like our Freshdesk support portal for support issues and for to view project updates and progress.
  • We will ask you to accept online billing statements and to pay your bills to us via bank deposits, online transfers, credit cards, or via PayPal.
  • Some people may have specific situations where their work with you may be impacted. They may have a family member they need to take care of, they may need to undergo self-quarantine, etc. These may result in delays on your projects, proposals, and work interactions.
  • Work from home means our Internet connections and mobile signal strength may differ from person to person. Rest assured our business continuity plans for everyone to be as connected as possible but do expect individual variances.

The health and well-being of people is of utmost importance. Please understand that in this COVID-19 period, we will not force anyone to perform any work should they feel their safety and those around them are at risk.

We are functional during this time of crises and business continues. We will support and provide services for our clients to the best of our abilities.

Thank you and be safe.

Selwyn Uy
i4 Asia Incorporated

i4 Asia's Official
Statement regarding
COVID-19 quarantine.